Earlier this month I wrote about “Adding Additional Links to the Output from wp_list_pages”. I have recently realized that the process of adding new or additional links could be easier. Rather than manually editing the plugin or function every time you want to add a new link or remove a link we can leverage existing WordPress functionality to handle this.

The existing WordPress functionality that we will leverage are Links/Bookmarks.

We will start with the code. Add the following code to your themes functions.php or as a plugin.

add_filter('wp_list_pages', 'add_bookmarks_to_menu');
function add_bookmarks_to_menu($output) {
        $bookmarks = (array) get_bookmarks('hide_invisible=0&category_name=wp_list_pages');
        foreach ( $bookmarks as $bookmark ) {
                $output .= "<li><a href='{$bookmark->link_url}' title='{$bookmark->link_name}'>{$bookmark->link_name}</a></li>n";
        return $output;

Now we head to the WordPress admin and browse to Links->Add New. Type the name as you want it to show up in your menu, the web address of your link, add this link to a new category called ‘wp_list_pages’, select ‘Keep this link private’ and click ‘Add Link’.

Placing the link in a category called ‘wp_list_pages’ will allow us to grab only links from that category and selecting ‘Keep this link private’ will keep it from showing up in the Links/Blogroll/Bookmark section of your site.