It’s that time of the year again and my favorite WordCamp is about to begin. Last year I made the trip to WordCamp NYC and spoke in two sessions. I had an immense amount of fun last year, and even though I have moved from the East Coast to Texas I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to attend again.

The company that I now work for, Rackspace, who is a big supporter of WordPress will be sponsoring the event as well as sending myself and Rob Taylor.

As with last year I will be speaking, this time about Performance and Optimization. The Performance and Optimization session will be a panel with myself and Scott Taylor. I will be focusing on “Building a High Performance WordPress Environment” and Scott will be focusing on “Front End Optimization Tools”. If we are able to get a third person on board they will be covering “CDNs and Offloading”. We will be keeping the presentations short to allow time for a question and answer session as well as some discussions between the panel members about certain aspects of performance and optimization in WordPress.

WordCamp NYC will also be holding a Genius Bar as does every other WordCamp, but the one thing most other WordCamps don’t have is me. One other special event happening at WordCamp NYC is the Hacker Room, where myself, Andrew Nacin, Daryl Koopersmith and other WordPress core contributors will be spending time over the 2 day event to write patches for WordPress 3.1 which is just about to hit feature freeze. If you are interested in helping out and getting started with WordPress core development please stop by.