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Server Troubles

Around 10PM EST last night (March 11, 2009) the server that hosts all of the domains and FreeMyFeed went off line due to reasons unknown at this time. As of 8:40AM EST today (March 12, 2009) all sites and services are back up and running. Apologies for the down time.

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Message to WordPress Plugin Developers: Use the WordPress Plugin Repository!

This message is for all of the WordPress plugin developers out there.

Use the WordPress plugin repository dammit!

Reasons to use the WordPress plugin repository:

  1. It is free
  2. It gives your plugin a lot of exposure
  3. It isn’t dependent on your crappy $5.95/month hosting
  4. It provides real download links that can be used with wget and not those annoying download counters
  5. The WordPress software will allow the blog owner to see that there is an update to your plugin
  6. It will work with the WordPress auto updater

Now stop only providing download links on your site and publish your plugins in the WordPress plugins repository!

Let me put it this way…The next time I am looking for a plugin and I find yours, and it is not hosted in the WordPress plugin repository, I am taking your code, publishing it in the WordPress plugin directory and I wont acknowledge you as the author!

I’m tired of using outdated WordPress plugins because it wasn’t hosted where it should be and I wasn’t notified that an update was available, and come to find out that it wasn’t even working!

And yes I am using a lot of exclamation points! It’s because I am pissed!

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Lightview JS WordPress Plugin End of Life

I will no longer be updating the Lightview JS WordPress plugin with new versions of Lightview from Nick Stakenburg as the author has changed the licensing requiring users to purchase Lightview. As I DO NOT purchase software and frown upon authors who distribute their software freely and then decide to require licensing fees; this plugin is now end of life.

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