Throwing Hot Coals

Where’d the CSS Go?

So I’m bored…Bored of a lot of things. So to satisfy at least part of my boredom, I killed my CSS a few minutes ago. Of course I have a backup, and yes I did kill it on purpose. Maybe someday I will restore it. My boredom isn’t driving me to rewrite my CSS, but destroying my CSS makes me smile, which seems to help. UPDATE: I just wrote a script to restore 10 lines of my css every 10 minutes. In about 11 hours the site should be back to normal. Perhaps I’ll write a script that continually removes all of the lines and then restores them all, 10 lines at a time. Wouldn’t that be interesting?

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Free My Feed Gaining Momentum

Since launching FreeMyFeed on April 14th the service has really begun to gain momentum.

On April 17th Free My Feed was featured on and subsequently on Lifehacker.

Since all of the publicity beginning on April 17th from the aforementioned sites as well as many others, FreeMyFeed has been used to free over 800 feeds and has served up these feeds over 7000 times.

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Free My Feed

For some time now I have been using application based feed readers due to the lack of the ability to subscribe to authenticated feeds or to feeds that required the use of an invalid SSL certificate using a web based feed reader such as Google Reader. This has recently become really annoying as I have to use a different application based feed reader in Windows, Linux and Mac requiring me need to learn 3 different applications each of which act quite differently.

I was recently talking to a co-worker telling him that our developers would need to subscribe to our Trac RSS feed using an application based feed reader because web feed readers would not support authentication. His response was “yeah, they won’t work. the desktop ones/ff extensions suck.”

I made a decision later that day to determine a way to work around this. The solution actually came to me right away. Create a RSS proxy service where a user supplies a RSS URL, username, and password. From this information generate an alternate URL for the users use. When the user requests this alternate URL parse the URI to retrieve the original URL, username and password, then retrieve the feed on the fly and echo it back to the user.


As my co-worker stated on his web site, “It’s a crazy simple service and in hindsight I’m shocked that no one’s built such a thing before (to the best of my knowledge) - myself included.”

As I made the decision to not store any user data on my server due to security and privacy, I went with a solution that actually places the username and password in the URI. For those of you who may be concerned with this, please take comfort in knowing that the original URL, username and password are encoded in the new URI and the password is encrypted using a rotating cipher.

Without further adieu, I would like to introduce Free My Feed.

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Time Machine

Rewind to August 2nd, 2007. I can do that you know.

My first son, Logan, was born at 1:34pm. He weighed 7lbs 5oz and was 18in long. Actually I think he was longer but it took him several weeks to learn that he could stretch his legs out.

For those of you who are interested more pictures can be found here and here.


A New Direction

For years now I have tried to maintain a web site and entice users to it. I have done this to some extent but I believe what bothers me the most is the fact that until now I have strictly limited my site to technical postings and howtos.

I believe what I really want to do with my site is post whatever the hell I want as well as the technical mumbo jumbo and make it more friendly to even those who don’t care about patching a Linux kernel.

So if some of you have noticed small changes in the site recently it is due to me making it more generalized in nature.

If some of you have noticed poor uptime recently that is no fault of mine. My hosting provider assures me that everything should be back to normal now but I am still tracking roughly at 95% uptime for the latter part of August. We will have to wait and see how September fairs.



At one point in my life I thought that I could design and up-keep a custom written web site and quickly found that I was too lazy to keep it up.

I then switched to Mediawiki to organize the content on my site and found myself too lazy to keep it updated.

I have now switched to WordPress to organize the content of my site. My hope is to not make available information which is easily found on sites with high search ratings.