Throwing Hot Coals

Rocky Roads Ahead

Over the next 2 months (or thereabout), expect things to not always work exactly as they may now on my site. Some things unrelated to the actual install of WordPress on my site may be unavailable during this time. I don’t think anyone other than myself uses them, so I think everything should mostly go unnoticed.

I’m going to be performing some shuffling, and hope to keep it as minimally impacting as possible.

If you spot something strange, give me a shout!

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Shadowbox JS Plugin Pulled from the Repository

Update: The Shadowbox JS plugin is back in the repo!

I was notified on December 28, 2011 that a complaint was made to the plugins repository team that the Shadowbox JS plugin contained non-GPL code (shadowbox.js). This is correct, and I have known about it for some time, and although I had permission from the author to include it in the plugin download, it still doesn’t make it GPL. Due to this, the plugin has been pulled from the Plugins Repository.

It will likely be some time until I can get it back into the repo, as it is going to require some pretty large updates to the plugin to make use of the WP_Filesystem class to ensure that I can have the plugin reliably download the shadowbox files and put them into place so that they can be used.

I could always strip shadowbox out of the plugin, and require users to download and upload manually, but the user experience of doing such would be horrid, and likely cause a lot of users to stop using the plugin.

In the mean time the plugin can be downloaded from

If you wish to test out the upcoming version that is addressing the issue of including shadowbox.js to get it back into the repository, you can download it from

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Shadowbox JS WordPress Plugin Updated to Version 3.0.3

This release of Shadowbox JS has been a long time coming and I am extremely happy to announce its release. With the upstream final release of shadowbox.js 3.0 came a lot of changes to the way this plugin had to work. The shadowbox.js file is now built on the fly and if possible cached to wp-content/uploads/shadowbox-js/. In the event that the file cannot be cached it will be built on the fly and delivered via admin-ajax.php with appropriate JS caching headers.

Other notable features:

  • More filters for overriding numerous URLs, including shadowbox.js and shadowbox.css
  • Require at least WordPress 2.8
  • Remove support for Ext and Dojo
  • Addition of new sub plugin titled “Shadowbox JS - Use Title from Image”, which will grab the title attribute from the child <img> tag if it exists and push it onto the parent <a> tag if a title does not exist.

If you run into any bugs please use the Shadowbox JS support forum for problems or questions with this plugin. Support questions will be ignored if left as comments on my site, through my contact form or by email. The only supported location for support questions is

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Busy Times Ahead

For those of you who follow me on twitter you likely already know that I am about to move half way across the country to take a new job. A few weeks ago I accepted a job with Rackspace and will be moving from Boonsboro, MD, population 3,399, to San Antonio, TX, population 1,351,305. I’m leaving for Texas on December 28 and have an expected move in date of December 31. Considering the time of year and the incredibly fast paced relocation I will be considerably less involved with WordPress and freenode until things start to settle down.

If you are in need of something just be patient, I’ll try to get to everything by sometime in mid March. I have some exciting updates to a few WordPress plugins that I hope to be able to get out in a reasonable amount time, so keep an eye out.

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Finalizing Plugin Handoffs

A month or so ago I began giving away plugins to other authors. I just wanted to take a moment to announce which of the remaining pluigns are going where.

Two plugins will be transferring to Michael Torbert:

Another plugin will be going Andy Stratton:

As of now I am no longer supporting these plugins and requests for support should go to their new authors.

Thank you very much Andy and Michael for taking over development and supporting the community.

I am still finalizing details on the Ajaxify FAQ-Tastic plugin with another author. There should be an announcement for this plugin and author soon.

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Slides From WordCamp NYC Are Up

For those of you who aren’t following me on Twitter, I have posted my slides from WordCamp NYC on SlideShare. Head on over and check them out!, and for those of you who want more variety in download formats, since the version on SlideShare is a PDF take a look at

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Shadowbox JS WordPress Plug-In Passes 100,000 Downloads

At 21:30UTC on November 5, 2009 my Shadowbox JS WordPress plug-in passed 100,000 downloads. Thank you to everyone who has downloaded and used this great plugi-n!

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Shadowbox JS WordPress Plugin Updated to Version

Another day and another update. The Shadowbox JS WordPress plugin has been updated to version There are several new features such as generic image sizes and the option to not load sizzle.js. See the change log for a full list of changes.

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2 More WordPress Plugins Have New Homes

Since my announcement on Twitter and my interview on WPTavern, most of you likely know that I decided to cease development and support for several of my plugins. Part of the process of doing so is finding new homes for these plugins so that they can live on. Two more plugins have found their new home with Travis Ballard, who many of you know from Twitter or IRC as ansimation or ansi.

The specific posts for each of these plugins are:

Please head on over and check out Travis’ site and his announcement of taking over the plugins. With that being said, good luck Travis and these plugins are now 100% yours.

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Still Looking for WordPress Plugin Maintainers

As I have announced, announced, and announced again; I am ceasing development and support on several plugins. The list of those plugins was in the interview with me on WPTavern, but I wanted to formally outline the plugins that have yet to find a new home, and announce, yes another announcement, that there is one more to be added to that list.

Plugins being sent to the plugin orphanage:

Everyone please take a look over the above plugins and if you think that you are interested and would like to take over ownership for one or several of these plugins please let me know, either through my contact form or in the comments here.

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