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Shadowbox JS Plugin Pulled from the Repository

Update: The Shadowbox JS plugin is back in the repo!

I was notified on December 28, 2011 that a complaint was made to the plugins repository team that the Shadowbox JS plugin contained non-GPL code (shadowbox.js). This is correct, and I have known about it for some time, and although I had permission from the author to include it in the plugin download, it still doesn’t make it GPL. Due to this, the plugin has been pulled from the Plugins Repository.

It will likely be some time until I can get it back into the repo, as it is going to require some pretty large updates to the plugin to make use of the WP_Filesystem class to ensure that I can have the plugin reliably download the shadowbox files and put them into place so that they can be used.

I could always strip shadowbox out of the plugin, and require users to download and upload manually, but the user experience of doing such would be horrid, and likely cause a lot of users to stop using the plugin.

In the mean time the plugin can be downloaded from

If you wish to test out the upcoming version that is addressing the issue of including shadowbox.js to get it back into the repository, you can download it from

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Shadowbox JS WordPress Plugin Updated to Version 3.0.3

This release of Shadowbox JS has been a long time coming and I am extremely happy to announce its release. With the upstream final release of shadowbox.js 3.0 came a lot of changes to the way this plugin had to work. The shadowbox.js file is now built on the fly and if possible cached to wp-content/uploads/shadowbox-js/. In the event that the file cannot be cached it will be built on the fly and delivered via admin-ajax.php with appropriate JS caching headers.

Other notable features:

  • More filters for overriding numerous URLs, including shadowbox.js and shadowbox.css
  • Require at least WordPress 2.8
  • Remove support for Ext and Dojo
  • Addition of new sub plugin titled “Shadowbox JS - Use Title from Image”, which will grab the title attribute from the child <img> tag if it exists and push it onto the parent <a> tag if a title does not exist.

If you run into any bugs please use the Shadowbox JS support forum for problems or questions with this plugin. Support questions will be ignored if left as comments on my site, through my contact form or by email. The only supported location for support questions is

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Shadowbox JS WordPress Plugin v3.0.0.0 Released

The Shadowbox JS WordPress plugin has been updated to version This is a large update to the plugin. The majority of the plugin has been rewritten to load only the minimal amount of code needed for either the admin or frontend. New to this release is Shadowbox 3.0b1, programmatic loading of Shadowbox only when needed, selection of which Shadowbox players to load. See the change log for a full list of changes.

There are several important things to take note of:

  • PHP 4 Support Dropped
  • Additional Skins Removed
  • Custom skinning now requires 2 filters, see the FAQ for more information
  • The FLV player is disabled by default requiring you to agree to the licensing of the JW FLV Player before it can be used

If you are upgrading from one of the beta releases of this plugin you should use the option to reset to defaults after updating.

For support questions please see

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