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WordPress Maintenance Mode Without a Plugin Part 3

A few months ago I wrote part 1 and part 2 of WordPress Maintenance Mode Without a Plugin. Part 1 covered the basics of using the .maintenance file, and part 2 covered styling the maintenance page using wp-content/maintenance.php. Part 3 covers the short comings of the other 2 by addressing how to let a user log into the admin and allowing logged in users access to the front end of the site while in maintenance mode.

It only takes a little bit of extra code in a file called .maintenance in the root of your WordPress installation to conditionally return a time that falls within the logic described in part 1. Now without forther adieu:

function is_user_logged_in() {
$loggedin = false;
foreach ( (array) $_COOKIE as $cookie => $value ) {
        if ( stristr($cookie, 'wordpress_logged_in_') )
            $loggedin = true;
    return $loggedin;
if ( ! stristr($_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'], '/wp-admin') && ! stristr($_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'], '/wp-login.php') && ! is_user_logged_in() )
    $upgrading = time();

Just drop the above code in the .maintenance file perhaps take a look at part 2 and away you go. Enjoy!

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2 More WordPress Plugins Have New Homes

Since my announcement on Twitter and my interview on WPTavern, most of you likely know that I decided to cease development and support for several of my plugins. Part of the process of doing so is finding new homes for these plugins so that they can live on. Two more plugins have found their new home with Travis Ballard, who many of you know from Twitter or IRC as ansimation or ansi.

The specific posts for each of these plugins are:

Please head on over and check out Travis’ site and his announcement of taking over the plugins. With that being said, good luck Travis and these plugins are now 100% yours.

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Still Looking for WordPress Plugin Maintainers

As I have announced, announced, and announced again; I am ceasing development and support on several plugins. The list of those plugins was in the interview with me on WPTavern, but I wanted to formally outline the plugins that have yet to find a new home, and announce, yes another announcement, that there is one more to be added to that list.

Plugins being sent to the plugin orphanage:

Everyone please take a look over the above plugins and if you think that you are interested and would like to take over ownership for one or several of these plugins please let me know, either through my contact form or in the comments here.

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Gallery Shortcode Style to Head WordPress Plugin Changing Ownership

For some time now I have been looking at my plugins and deciding which I wanted to discontinue, which to continue supporting and which I thought someone may be interested in taking over ownership of. One such plugin is the Gallery Shortcode Style to Head plugin which does a look ahead to determine if any posts that will be displayed require the CSS, normally inserted into the body of a post, associated with the [gallery] shortcode. If it determines that such a post will be displayed on the page it prints the CSS to the head of the document, allowing the page to validate as XHTML 1.0.

I had decided to discontinue this plugin, but was recently contacted by Scott Bradford offering a patch to the plugin. After some discussion, I convinced Scott into taking over ownership of the plugin. The new home of the plugin can be found at

I will be redirecting requests to my site for this plugin to Scott’s site. So if you have any questions from this moment forward stop by and talk to Scott.

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Ajax Plugin Helper Updated to Version 1.0.4

The Ajax Plugin Helper has been updated to version 1.0.4. This plugin actually went through 3 updates in the past 8 hours or so. New to these updates are fixing duplicate update notice in WordPress 2.9, making sure Ajax Upgrade was not available for the Ajax Plugin Helper itself and adding a Finnish translation by Christian Hellbeg. See the change log for a full time line of changes.

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Ajax Plugin Helper Updated to Version 1.0.5

Another day and another update. The Ajax Plugin Helper has been updated to version 1.0.5. Fixed in this release is a bug where the edit link for active plugins would always reference the first active plugin in the plugin list. See the change log for a full time line of changes.

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Public Post Preview Updated to Version 1.3

The Public Post Preview plugin has been updated to version 1.3. New to this version is fixed PHP noticed and uninstall functionality to remove its options from the options table. See the change log for a full time line of changes.

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Forums Shut Down in Favor of the Forums

As of about 10 minutes ago I disabled new registrations and switched my forums to read only. I have done this in favor of the forums. I find myself every day with less and less time to support my plugins and hope that the move will allow other users to help out. Below you will find a link list for the support forum for each of my current plugins.

Stealing from a post by Viper007Bond of similar title from not too long ago:

So if you need support for one of my plugins, please visit it’s page on the Plugins area ( and then click on “See what others are saying…” on the right side. That’ll take you to a new thread forum with the tag field already filled in with my plugin’s name (if you don’t properly tag your thread, I won’t see it).

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San Francisco WordPress Meetup

There will be a WordPress meetup held at the Automattic office at Pier 38 on August 11. I’ll be in San Francisco for the OpenSourceWorld Expo and will be attending the meetup. Numerous folks from Automattic should be there and there will be a demo of the GSoC project, currently called ‘Elastic’, which is the WYSIWYG theme designer. Mark the date on your calendars, I want to see you all there! The meetup should start around 6:30PM, feel free to show up a little early as I am sure there will be some folks there.

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Shadowbox JS WordPress Plugin Version Released

The Shadowbox JS WordPress plugin has been updated to version This is a large update to the plugin. New to this release is a brining PHP4 support back, reduction in queries run on each load, inline change log view in plugin update notice, hide portions of settings page when all settings have been deleted from the database, and added Russian translation. See the change log for a full list of changes.

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